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Welcome to OroAcademy eLearning Portal!

This official Oro learning hub is where you get in-depth knowledge of Oro products. Gain up-to-date, sought-after skills and a competitive edge.

Learn at your own pace. Track your progress. Assess
your knowledge.

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  • Business Users

Self-Guided Courses

From beginner basics to advanced use cases, with our self-led business user courses you can delve into all key features and capabilities of Oro applications, learn how to take advantage of them for your unique business strategies, and test your knowledge as you go.

Live Training

Register for our training sessions on Oro’s architecture. Gain fundamental understanding of working with Oro products and start growing in the field of Oro application development. Find out how best-in-class B2B systems work to offer innovative solutions to customers.

Video Tutorials

Explore our pool of interactive video material and learn about Oro applications with our comprehensive step-by-step video tutorials. Our library offers feature overviews, educational how-to tutorial videos, and webinar recordings to help you get started with the application.
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