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Why Oro certification?

We created this certification so that businesses can be certain that the developers they hire have the knowledge and experience that match our standards. It ensures that their projects are in the best hands possible.

How can I prepare for the exam?

For the Oro Admin Certification exam, we recommend you explore the Tutorials and Courses pages and review as many courses as possible. There is no time limit and you can learn at your own pace.

For the Oro Developer Certification exam, we recommend exploring Oro’s instructor-led training sessions that focus on installing Oro applications, configuring them, implementing bundles, and customizing features.

Is training required for the exam?

While instructor-led training is not required, it is recommended. Since exams are intended to measure your knowledge of Oro’s applications, we recommend a combination of instructor-led training, self-learning, and hands-on experience.

How many questions are there and how do I pass?

You’ll have 20 questions and you must answer a minimum of 15 for a passing grade. Once you submit the exam, you will be able to see whether you have earned a high enough score to pass.

How many times can I pass the exam?

You will have 3 attempts to pass the exam. For each attempt, different questions will be generated.

What if I have technical difficulties?

You can contact us if you run into technical problems during the exam.

How much does it cost to take the exam?

Taking the exam is free for a limited time until October 2023.

How long does certification last?

Since we constantly update Oro and want to ensure that Oro-certified individuals are up-to-date on the latest applications, certifications are valid for three years.

Can I track my certificate status?

You can track your certificate status, manage course enrollment, and progress in My Account.

Can I download my certificate?

Yes, you can download your certificate by heading to My Account > My Certificates.

Can I request changes to my certificate?

No. The certificate is granted automatically, and only once, so make sure that the name you provided when creating an account is correct.

Oro Certification

Oro offers two exam and certification pathways. Select the one that suits your role and expertise.

Becoming Oro certified proves your competency in Oro applications. It’s validation from Oro of your skills, expertise, and competencies as a professional.

Oro-certified experts are well-versed in the Oro platform and its functionality. They can meet complex challenges and know how to apply their skills in a real-world setting.

Successful exam completion earns developers a certificate and badge of assurance that they meet the quality and standards set by Oro.

Why get Oro certified?

By getting certified, you:

  • Get a competitive edge in your market
  • Validate your skills and expertise
  • Accelerate your career or business
  • Gain more clients and projects

Certifications are valuable for independent developers and digital service providers alike.

Developers can stand out from the crowd and get noticed by clients. Since most companies prefer to hire Oro-certified developers, investing in Oro certification can add to the professional value and help them win larger projects. Service agencies, in turn, can test their internal teams to ensure they remain proficient with Oro and up to date with best practices over time.

Who needs Oro certification?

Oro certification is designed for administrators who configure, manage, and work with Oro regularly, and developers who implement Oro solutions using existing application coding patterns, bundles, and extensions.

Whether you’re an administrator or a developer, getting an Oro certification in your area of expertise validates your ability to help clients maximize value from their Oro applications. When you complete your exam, you’ll get an official Oro Certified designation, acknowledging your ability to help businesses succeed.

What are the Oro certification exams?

Oro Business Certification exam

The Oro Business Certification exam tests individuals on their knowledge of the Oro application. It validates the candidate’s proficiency in using and configuring the Oro application as a back-office manager and storefront buyer. Areas covered include:

  • Website content management and personalization
  • Product information management
  • Master and web catalogs
  • Warehouses and inventory management
  • Pricing configuration
  • Payment and shipping configuration
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Oro Developer Certification exam

The Oro Developer Certification exam tests frontend and backend developers on the deployment, implementation, and customization of Oro applications. It validates the candidate’s knowledge and skills related to the content areas listed below:

  • Entities management
  • Bundles extension and management
  • Application configuration and customization
  • Web API development
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Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of the exam, candidates will be awarded an Oro Certificate of Completion and a badge. They can download and share it with prospective employers and professional networks.

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