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Customer Management


In today’s business arena, every company must ensure it has the right system for managing customers and a well-established customer management process in order to keep rising their market share, improve their products and services, and cope with intense competition.

Each vendor is trying to devote a significant amount of time, resources, and effort to developing a comprehensive customer management process that should focus on the clients’ needs and interests, allowing them to make a very accurate forecast of future purchases. The success of any business depends on its clients, regardless of the fantastic products or exceptional services you may have or provide. It is well-known that the greater the number of happy customers a company accumulates, the more retained customers and strong partnership the company will cultivate. 

With this in mind, we have developed the Customer Management Course that is aimed to guide you through the robust customer management functionality powered by Oro. The course will help you understand how Oro represents customers, which CRM and Commerce-specific entities they refer to, and how these entities interconnect. With the Customer Management Course, you will consolidate all your knowledge and experience in managing customers and carrying out various customer-facing activities through the centralized customer management system that the Oro application provides. 

The course consists of 5 detailed sections that will provide you with a comprehensive view of various Oro native features for managing your customers. It will also elaborate on how to work with permissions to control what your customers, both registered and guest visitors, can and cannot do within your website. The course is aimed to give you an intense kickstart for your customer strategy, providing some valuable insights and handy materials.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Distinguish the main concepts of customers and customer users, customer groups and roles, accounts, and contacts to ensure that each entity is used for its intended purpose
  • Manage all your company’s relationships and interactions with the past and existing customers
  • Analyze your customers from different perspectives based on their entire purchase history, lifetime sales value, marketing activity, and changes in their contact information
  • Understand the hierarchical structure of customers and their responsibility areas to manage them more efficiently
  • Grant and dismiss permissions from a customer user with a particular role or a guest visitor to define what a user can or cannot do within your website, which content to display to them, which products to showcase, which language to use, and more
  • Use tags to organize the data extracted from various business information into logical categories and subcategories

Once you complete the course, you will be offered to take a quiz and check how successfully you have acquired new knowledge. 


Customer Management - Information



Table of contents
  • Progress

    • Getting Started
      • 1.1. Introducing Oro Customer Management Functionality
    • Understanding Customers
      • 2.1. Section Overview
      • 2.2. Customer User Specifics and Management
      • 2.3. Customer Specifics and Management
      • 2.4. Customer Group Specifics and Management
      • 2.5. Contact Specifics and Management
      • 2.6. Business Customer Specifics and Management
      • 2.7. Account Specifics and Management
    • Working with Non-Authenticated Customers
      • 3.1. Section Overview
      • 3.2. Configuring Guest Website Access
      • 3.3. Managing Non-Authenticated Visitors Customer Group
      • 3.4. Permissions for Non-Authenticated Visitors Customer Group
    • Customer Hierarchy, Permissions, and Access Levels
      • 4.1. Customer User Roles
      • 4.2. Customer User Role Permissions
      • 4.3. Access Levels
    • Wrapping Up
      • 5.1. Recommended Resources
      • 5.2. Practice Quiz
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