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OroCommerce Basics

Welcome aboard Oro Tutorials!

You want to deep-dive into the OroCommerce experience but you don’t know where to start? The Fundamental OroCommerce Course takes you through all the essential steps leading up to your first sale. You are about to learn to:

  • Effortlessly build stock by creating a product catalog and populating it with products
  • Fill your warehouse and update inventory statuses
  • Generate price lists, set prices and manage multiple price lists
  • Add payment options and prioritize payment rules specific to your business
  • Set up and manage shipping methods
  • Create a quote in the storefront, and process it in the management console
  • Proceed through the single and multi-step checkout, and upload products through the quick order form in the storefront
  • Explore the checkout process from the perspectives of both managers and buyers

The Fundamental Commerce Course not only provides the insight into the minimum effort setup fundamentals, but also describes how your implementation can be expanded. In addition, the course demonstrates how the completed setup is going to work from the perspectives of a customer in the store, and a manager in the management console.

To get started, we are introducing a hands-on example that will run through the course. It is going to illustrate how OroCommerce works in real life. We have chosen a US business that offers stationary and office supplies to various other businesses nationally. Along with the narrative, we will provide you with practical tasks and quizzes to make sure you explore the OroCommerce minimal effort setup with us as you proceed!

OroCommerce Basics - Information




Generate Stock

Set Prices

Organize Products in a Web Catalog

Add Payment Methods

Add Shipping Methods

Explore OroCommerce Storefront

Follow Up

Table of contents
  • Progress

    • Introduction
      • 1.1. Your Steps Explained
    • Generate Stock
      • 2.1. Organize the Master Catalog
      • 2.2. Get to Know Your Products
      • 2.3. Import Products into the Master Catalog
      • 2.4. Add a Warehouse
      • 2.5. Import Product Inventory Levels
      • 2.6. Manage Product Quantities
      • 2.7. Suggested Practice: Quiz for Section 2
    • Set Prices
      • 3.1. Understand Prices in OroCommerce
      • 3.2. Import Prices to Your Price List
      • 3.3. Manage Product Prices Manually
      • 3.4. Suggested Practice: Quiz for Section 3
    • Organize Products in a Web Catalog
      • 4.1. Understand OroCommerce Web Catalogs
      • 4.2. Create a Web Catalog
      • 4.3. Organize a Web Catalog
      • 4.4. Suggested Practice: Quiz for Section 4
    • Add Payment Methods
      • 5.1. Understand Payments in OroCommerce
      • 5.2. Create a Payment Integration
      • 5.3. Create a Payment Term as a Payment Method
      • 5.4. Create a Payment Rule
      • 5.5. Suggested Practice: Quiz for Section 5
    • Add Shipping Methods
      • 6.1. Understand Shipping Methods in OroCommerce
      • 6.2. Create a Shipping Integration
      • 6.3. Create a Shipping Rule
      • 6.4. Suggested Practice: Quiz for Section 6
    • Explore OroCommerce Storefront
      • 7.1. Follow Customer Registration Flow
      • 7.2. Negotiate a Quote: Create an RFQ
      • 7.3. Negotiate a Quote: Respond to an RFQ
      • 7.4. Work with the Quick Order Form
      • 7.5. Set Up Checkout: Single-Page and Multi-Step Checkout
      • 7.6. Suggested Practice: Quiz for Section 7
    • Follow Up
      • 8.1. Suggested Practice: Consolidation
      • 8.2. Additional Resources
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