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Oro Developer Certification

Introduction to Oro Developer Certification Exam

The Oro Developer Certification Exam assesses your knowledge of OroCommerce, OroCRM, and OroPlatform 5.0 LTS application deployment and customization.
This Online Certification Exam is developed for candidates with in-depth knowledge and an advanced understanding of how to:

  • Configure development and production environments for Oro applications.
  • Install and upgrade the environments to a new version.
  • Create, configure and manage entities, create CRUD for particular entities, and protect them using access level permissions.
  • Configure entity-related reports, integration of business processes, workflows, data audit, and search index.
  • Customize the Oro storefront themes and navigation.

Candidates can take the Certification Exam from the comfort of their homes or workplaces.

Download the Training outline to prepare for the Exam

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Oro Developer Certification

Table of contents
  • Exam Information

    40 multi-choice questions:
    • Functional Scope – 20
    • Technical Scope – 20

    Some may require more than one answer, so select all the options you think are correct.

    Minimum pass score:
    30 questions
    Attempts per scope:
    Time per attempt:
    30 min
    Time per exam, total
    *Once you successfully pass the exam, you will be awarded an e-Certificate of Completion to certify your expertise.
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