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Sales Management

The online market has become huge with more and more businesses moving from high street online and large B2B businesses investing in their online presence and good customer experience. By blending the traditional CRM sales (leads, opportunities, sales territories) and eCommerce order management and tracking tools (orders, RFQs, quotes, shopping lists, payment terms, and price lists), you can leapfrog a few levels up in your sales productivity. 

OroCommerce plus OroCRM together offer everything you need to realize your business potential in the eCommerce efforts: lead and opportunity management system to help you track your deals and close them faster; synchronize customers’ shopping lists and orders and fully control the sales cycle, keep track of your inventory and order fulfillment, configure flexible payment and shipping options that suit both your business and your customers; build intuitive workflows for your sales team and customers online and generate detailed reports. 

This Sales Management course will take you through the CRM and Commerce sales funnels, from creating leads and setting up sales territories to showing you how OroCommerce centralizes and manages all pre-order and post-order data. 

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Learn about roles and permissions in the Oro application, and build a structural sales roles’ hierarchy to fit your sales strategy.
  • Take care of your entire sales process by automating your sales pipeline: create leads, qualify them into opportunities, and get a holistic view of your sales and conversions on a personalized dashboard.
  • Learn how to provide an effortless and smooth checkout experience for customers in the storefront with built-in native e-commerce tools: RFQs, Quotes, Shopping Lists, etc. 
  • Build custom workflows to suit your sales processes, and work with Oro’s native workflows to automate work both in the back-office and storefront.
  • Set up flexible product prices for different websites, customer groups, and customers
  • Configure different payment methods and enable them for the storefront
  • Configure shipping methods and enabling them for the customers in the storefront
  • Build detailed sales reports to get helpful insights on sales that reveal your customers’ buying habits based on the criteria that are important to you.

We will illustrate features and use cases throughout the course by showing you screenshots from the application. They will base on a sample business that sells office furniture, medical wear, and lightning equipment to other companies and runs on the OroCommerce+OroCRM Enterprise application edition. Once you complete the course, you can test what you have learned by taking a quiz.

Sales Management - Information


  • Progress

    • 1. Sales Team Setup
      • 1.1. Introduction
      • 1.2. Hierarchy Elements, Permissions, and Access Levels
    • 2. Sales Pipeline
      • 2.1. Elements and Configuration
      • 2.2. Leads
      • 2.3. Opportunities
      • 2.4. Sales Territories
    • 3. Pricing
      • 3.1. Pricing Overview
      • 3.2. Building a Price List
      • 3.3. Adding Prices per Products and Tiers
      • 3.4. Importing Prices
    • 4. Payment and Shipping
      • 4.1. Payment and Shipping Overview
      • 4.2. Configuring Payment Services
      • 4.3. Configuring Shipping Services
    • 5. Order Pipeline
      • 5.1. Orders Overview
      • 5.2. Working with Shopping Lists
      • 5.3. Working with Quotes
      • 5.4. Using Quick Order Form
      • 5.5. Working with Orders
    • 6. Reporting
      • 6.1. Building Segments
      • 6.2. Building Reports
    • 7. Wrapping Up
      • 7.1. Recommended Resources
      • 7.2. Practice Quiz
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