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How to Add Attachments in OroCRM

| msarandi
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Welcome to OroCRM’s video tutorial series. Today we’ll be demonstrating how to add attachments to accounts or other records in OroCRM.

Adding attachments in OroCRM helps to keep track of assets such as paper copies of a bill of service, or return policies written onsite. This way, the representative can attach the copy to a customer’s case, customer, or account records.

Add Attachment

Use the add attachment activity to upload attachments related to a customer or account record. Attachments are available for any activity or entity that has the Attachments activity enabled. Attachment settings are customizable through OroCRMs entity manager. Nearly any entity can have attachments enabled for it. To enable attachments on an entity or activity you will require the Access Entity Management permission. Speak with your OroCRM administrator if you don’t have access. To enable attachments, navigate to the main system menu and select the Entities menu and then Entities management. Select the entity you would like to enable attachments on, and click the edit button. Set enable attachments to Yes. Additionally, you can also customize the max allowed file size as well as the file/mime types allowed.

We can demonstrate adding attachments by navigating to the customer contact grid and adding an attachment to one of the contact records.

(Navigate to Customers -> Contacts)

  1. Select any customer on the grid to load the customers view page.
  2. Select add attachment from the the More Actions drop down in the top right hand corner of the record.
  3. Select a file to attach using the browse button to select a file from your computer.  
  4. Add comments associated to the attachment.
  5. By default the owner is pre-populated with the user who has created the attachment but this field can be changed and assigned to another owner of the system.  
  6. Click save to save the attachment.
  7. The page reloads and the attachment is now available from the activity section of the record under the attachments section.

Thanks for watching.

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