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How to Add Comments in OroCRM

| msarandi
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Welcome to OroCRM’s video tutorial series. Today we’ll be demonstrating how to add comments on entities or activities using OroCRM.

OroCRM allows users to comment on records of any entity or on details of an activity. For example, you may want to comment on a task, or on a logged call that was made, or possibly comment that you can’t attend a particular meeting time the client has requested. Comments are only visible to OroCRM users and not available externally to clients. Comments are available for any activity or entity that has the Comments activity enabled.

Nearly any entity can have comments enabled for it. To enable comments on an entity or activity type you will require the “Access Entity Management” permission.  Speak with your OroCRM system administrator if you do not have access.  To enable comments navigate to system in the main menu and select Entities and then Entities Management. Then select edit the entity you would like to enable Comments on.   Finally, set Enable Comments to Yes.

Add Comment

We can demonstrate adding comments by using the customer contact grid. Navigate to the customer contact grid by selecting Customers option from the main system navigation menu and using the drop down to select contacts.

  1. Select a record on the contact grid that requires a comment on an activity.
  2. When the view page loads,click on the activities link to see all activities associated with that record.
  3. To expand an activity for more detail, click on the plus symbol on the left of the entry.
  4. On the right of the entry, there is a section for Comments. To comment on that entry, click on the Comment button on the right of the activity record.
  5. An empty comments dialog box displays
  6. Enter your comment. At this point you have the option to also upload a file related to your comment.
  7. Click the save button in the lower right hand corner. The page reloads and displays the comment in the activities section of that record.

Thanks for watching!

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