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How to Add Notes in OroCRM

| msarandi
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Welcome to OroCRM’s video tutorial series. Today we’ll be demonstrating how to use notes on OroCRM.

OroCRM allow users to create quick notes to store details about a customer or an account. For example, if a customer frequently returns products, a note on the case would advise other customer service representatives to review cases thoroughly.

Nearly any entity can have notes enabled for it. To enable notes on an entity or activity type you will require the “Access Entity Management” permission.  Speak with your OroCRM system administrator if you do not have access.  To enable notes navigate to system in the main menu and select Entities and then  Entities Management. Then select edit the entity you would like to enable notes on.   Finally, set Enable Notes to Yes.

Add a Note

We can demonstrate adding notes by navigating to the customer contact grid and adding a note to one of the contact records.

(Navigate to Customers -> Contacts)

Select any customer on the grid to load the customers view page.

  1. To add a note to a customer account or record, and select add note from the the More Actions drop down in the top right hand corner of the record.
  2. A blank add note form displays.
  3. Add the note text.  When enabled by the system, users may also use the wysiwyg editor allowing them to customize and style using HTML for their notes.
  4. Users may also attach any relevant file by clicking the upload file link and selecting a file from their computer.
  5. Click the ADD  button in the lower right hand corner of the display form to add the note.

This note is now displayed under the activity section for the contact or account record.
Thanks for watching.

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