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How to Create and Manage Events in OroCRM

| msarandi
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Welcome to OroCRM’s video tutorial series. Today we’ll be demonstrating how to create and manage events using OroCRM.

OroCRM’s events allow users to create and manage events and assign them to users if required. An example of an event might be that a customer service representative is scheduling a meeting with sales and the client and must create the meeting and schedule it to the sales representative. The Add Event action will be available for records of entities with “Calendar Events” activity enabled.

Add Event

To add a new event, navigate to the view page of account or customer record and select add event from the the More Actions drop down in the top right hand corner of the record.

  • Add a subject and description of the event including the start date and end time.
  • Check the All day event check box to define if the event is taking place for a whole day.
  • The Color option defines the color to be used in the user’s calendar. The Guests option defines users and Guests who are attending the event. In OroCRM version 2.0, we’ve added the ability to add Non OroCRM users to the invite list.  This means any email address can be inserted and invited to this event, not only OroCRM users.
  • The Reminders option defines if a message should be sent to the owner of the event. Options include using email or flash messages that appear within OroCRM.
  • Click the Add button to add a reminder.
  • Users can define if the message must be an email or a flash message, as well as and how long before the beginning of the event that the reminders should be sent.
  • Check the Call using Google Hangout checkbox if this event is to be taken place on a google hangout.
  • Add context if necessary. Context establishes the relationship between the event and any accounts or contacts who need association with the task. For example: you are creating an event after having a conversation with your customer (Account) about a  new Opportunity — it makes sense that both of these records are added as context for your event. This way, the event will show up in the activity stream of all associated records, proving a 360 degree view of all associated records on each account or customer listed as context.
  • By default this field is populated with the contact or the account information being sent the task.
  • Click the Save button in the lower right hand corner of the dialog to save the event. The event activity is now displayed under activity section for the contact or the account record.
  • Please be aware that in OroCRM 2.0 we’ve added the ability to create recurring events so users can set up daily, weekly or monthly regular events. An example would be a recurring meeting happening every wednesday.

Tasks are then listed on your calendar by simply navigating to the top right hand corner, click on My User and Calendar.

Thanks for watching.

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