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How to Create Notification Rules

| msarandi
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Greetings and welcome to OroCRMs video tutorial series. Today we’ll be demonstrating how to setup and manage notification rules.

OroCRMs notification rules make it easy for users or groups of users to be notified by email when an event happens. For example, a customer service rep would like to be notified when a new case is opened or if an existing case is updated.  Notification rules allow you to specify any number of rules where emails will be generated and sent out when those those rules are met. It is important to note here, an email template must be created before a notification can be configured.

For this example we’re going to create an email template and then create a rule to send a notification any time a case is updated. First we’ll make a template and then create the rule by which the email is sent out.  

Create Template

To create an email template, navigate to the system tab and use the drop down to select Email and then choose Templates. You are now taken to the template grid. Click on the Create Email Template button in the top right hand corner of the page.

A blank template form displays with the owner pre-populated with the name of the OroCRM system user.

  • Create a template name.
  • Select the appropriate radio button for if you’d like the email sent in HTML or Plain text
  • Choose an entity that you would like to receive a notification for. For our example we are creating notifications for any time a case has been updated so we are going to select the Case entity.
  • Compose an email template. OroCRM pre loads both the system and Entity variables for you which will pull information from fields in OroCRM which can be added to your template. An example would be if you wanted to add the “Status” field to your email template to let users know what the current status of the case is. You can drag and drop these variables into your email template.

Click Preview to display the template.

When you are finished designing your template, click the save and close button.

You can now see and manage your case from the email templates grid.

From the grid you can use the quick action toolbar to edit or delete the notification. Cloning a template is also available and helpful if you’d like to send a similar email but with a different set of notification rules.

Notification Rules

Next we’ll set up the notification rule for our case template. Navigate to the main system menu, select Email and then Notification Rules.

The notification rules grid is displayed. From here you can edit or delete notifications directly from the grid.

  • Click the Create notification rule button in the top right hand corner of the page
  • Choose the entity name — this is the name of the entity that we just created an email template for.  
  • Choose an event name.  You can be notified when the Entity is created, when the Entity is removed or when the Entity is updated. For our demonstration, we’ll would like an email any time a case has been updated. 
  • Select the name of the template we created in the last step. 
  • There are several options on who could receive notification. You can select an OroCRM user, a group that was created such as administrator, sales or marketing or manually type any email address.
  • For this demonstration I’ll type in my own OroCRM user
  • Click Save and Close in the top right hand corner.

Any time a case is updated, you’ll now get an email that looks similar to what we’ve created in the template.

Thanks for watching!

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