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How to Log a Call in OroCRM

by msarandi

Welcome to OroCRM’s video tutorial series. Today we’ll be demonstrating how to log calls using OroCRM.

OroCRM’s log a call activity is helpful for keeping track of incoming and outgoing calls  – who was called, when they were called, and detailed notes regarding what was discussed with customer contacts. Often logging calls is helpful when working with Opportunities, Cases, or Contact Requests.  

To log a call Navigate to the View page of the customer or opportunity record for which the call has been made or received. In the top right hand corner, use the More Actions drop down option to select log call.A blank log calls form is displayed pre populated with the OroCRM system user name as the owner.

  • Enter a subject for the call log and any additional details or notes about the call in the Additional Comments field.
  • The call date and time is pre-populated with the time the log call activity was created, but you can change these values if necessary.
  • Enter a phone number and use the dropdown to change the direction value for the call  to represent if the call was incoming or outgoing.  
  • Enter the duration– supported format includes (h) hours (m) minutes (s) seconds or a time format such as 1:10 (one hour and ten minutes).  
  • If you are making an outgoing call and you’d like to make this call using Google Hangout, click the google hangout button and the google hangout screen displays with options for voice or video calling.
  • Click the log call button at the lower right hand corner of the form. This call is now displayed under activity for the contact or the account record.

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