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How to Create and Manage Users

| msarandi
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Today we’ll be demonstrating how to create and manage users within OroCRM.

OroCRM provides very flexible user management functionality that can be customized to help define the access and permission settings for any business need. Any number of users can be created with OroCRM.

A user record contains information about a system user including name, birthday, which groups they belong to and which roles they are assigned. While it’s not required to fill out all the information, it’s always best practice to create the user record with as much information as possible.

To view and manage users navigate to the system tab and use the drop down to select user management and then users.

From the user grid you can perform a number of actions.

First, users can use the quick action buttons on the far right by hovering over the ellipse and using the available options to –

  • Disable the user.
  • Reset password.
  • View, edit or delete the user directly from the grid.

Additionally clicking on the gear allows you to set a user’s configuration settings.  This includes display settings, localization, and email synchronization to name a few.

Next, you can click on any user in the grid to load the view page. Once loaded – there are several actions users can take with each user.

You can disable the user.

You can set the user’s configuration settings: edit the user, delete the user, change or reset the password from the More Actions menu.

A blank userform displays. Fill out the user record information.

  1. Select Owner – Select a business unit from the list. Note that the business units and organization the user has access to are determined by the settings made in the Access Settings section.
  2. Use the drop down to select if the account is Enabled or disabled.
  3. Type in a user name. This is the name you will use to log on to the system.
  4. Create a password and re-enter the password.
  5. If you are creating this record for the user, you can click the checkbox so that they receive an email invitation.
  6. Click on the Additional link to enter a User’s title.
  7. Click on the Groups and Roles to assign the user to groups or roles. Groups are used for notifications and communicate where roles assign permissions to the user.
  8. Click the Access settings to choose an organization and business unit for the user.
  9. Save and close.

Thanks for watching.

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