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How To Synchronize Your Mailbox with OroCRM

by msarandi

Welcome to OroCRM’s video tutorial series. Today we’ll be demonstrating how to synchronize your mailbox with OroCRM.

OroCRM supports synchronization with your email service provider using IMAP.  This means that you can receive and review emails directly from OroCRM’s user interface.  OroCRM also supports connection to your SMTP server which will allow you to send emails from the user interface, no need to jump back and forth between tabs.  

In addition, if you have a Contact record within OroCRM with a matching email address, your emails will automatically be associated to that Contact.  This way all of your communications are easily accessible.

Upon configuring your IMAP integration you’ll be presented with the option to select some or all folders present in your inbox.  This way you can sync only a selection of your mailbox or all of it as needed.

To get started navigate to My User and choose My Configuration.

Next, select Email Configuration at the left side.

Check the “Enable IMAP” and “Enable SMTP” check box.

Input your mail server’s configuration settings: host, port, and encryption type.

Enter your user credentials.  This includes your email address and password.

Now click the Check Connection/Retrieve Folders button.

Once connection has been established successfully, your mailboxes folders will be presented.

Select the folders you want to synchronize with OroCRM and Save the user profile.

If you are configuring this connection for Gmail you may receive an error message even with correct configuration.  Google has implemented additional security measure that may require you to allow access for what Google calls “Less Secure Applications” or alternatively to configure OAuth2.  Directions can be found in our knowledgebase through the support desk or by watching our the related video.

Thanks for watching.  

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