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Training Programs

We offer two scopes of training, Oro Essentials, and Oro Advanced. We require that everyone who is planning on working with Oro applications takes the Oro Essentials training. Oro Advanced training is optional, but we encourage booking sessions from the Oro Advanced training when they are of value to specialized teams.

Oro Essentials



The OroCommerce training session is optional. The training is divided into 6 blocks, each lasting 4 hrs. This session covers the native features of OroCommerce and OroCRM, elaborates on how to leverage the native logic for building complex solutions. Having a deep understanding of all Oro features helps to determine the amount of customizations that needs to be implemented to meet customer requirements.

It is for anyone who is working with Oro on a daily basis and needs to understand its native capabilities and for developers who plan to customize Oro applications

Attendees can expect to get familiar with Oro components (Platform, Commerce, CRM), learn about native features and functional specifics, usage, and advanced configuration options.

This session covers:

  • Storefront and Websites
  • Layouts and Themes
  • Customer Entities
  • Product and Catalog
  • Web catalogs

  • Pricing
  • Promotions and Discounts
  • Inventory
  • Taxes
  • Shopping Lists, RFQs, Quotes

  • Checkout and Orders
  • Payment and Shipping Methods
  • Accounts and Contacts
  • Leads and Opportunities
  • Activities


Oro Fundamentals

Oro Fundamentals is the most extensive technical training covering all Oro’s fundamental features and is designed specifically for the technical teams, especially PHP developers. This is also the training read as part of the training for Individuals.

Oro Fundamentals is mandatory for all technical professionals who intend to customize OroCRM, OroCommerce, and OroPlatform.

By the end of this training, attendees can expect to:
- Understand Oro application development process and principles
- Learn PhpStorm basics, application dependencies, bundle, and package concepts
- Learn how to customize most commonly used functionalities on the Oro application

This training covers:

  • General Concepts
  • Extend Functionality with Bundles
  • Entities and Migrations

  • Menu, Index Page, Datagrid
  • Crud, Validation, Search
  • Security and Access Control Lists

  • Import and Export of Entities
  • Workflows
  • API

Oro Advanced

Oro Advanced training contains four optional blocks that cover specific areas of interest and can be requested for booking separately.


Oro Cloud

The OroCloud Application Administrator Training covers the key aspects of OroCloud architecture, tools, and methods available when running Oro applications either on stage or prod environment. Previous experience working with OroCommerce is required for this training.

It is aimed at technical professionals maintaining OroCRM, OroCommerce, and OroPlatform applications in OroCloud, as well as Oro Partners, Developers, Technical leaders, DevOps.

This training covers:

  • Application maintenance tools
  • OroCloud deployment

  • Code upgrades
  • Application troubleshooting

  • Architecture tools
  • OroCloud best practices


Integrations & API

Integrations & API training focuses primarily on Oro API resources, available methods, and integration configuration processes. It discusses how to use RESTful APIs to manage data, content, and other functionalities. The training also touches on API requests execution and asynchronous REST API reporting workflow.

This training is perfect for technical professionals maintaining OroCRM, OroCommerce, and OroPlatform applications

This training covers:

  • API resources and configuration
  • API documentation and extensions

  • Import / Export Introduction
  • Integrations

  • Message Queue
  • Performance optimizations


Testing (Behat)

This training delves into the behavior-driven development and Behat testing processes. It gives insight into the BDD general concept, its types, and main tools available in the Oro Platform, illustrating configuration details to enable Behat testing framework, scripts, and tests execution process.

It is aimed at technical professionals maintaining OroCRM, OroCommerce, and OroPlatform applications.

Attendees can expect to learn about the Oro testing framework and how to enable and use Behat tests for a project.

This training covers:

  • PHP Framework for BDD
  • Oro configuration
  • Behat Test Lifecycle
  • Features

  • Executing Tests
  • Fixtures
  • Feature Contexts
  • Mocking API integrations

  • BDD
  • Examples, tips,
  • Resources
  • Exercises


Custom Program

This is optional training for teams, delivered at partners’ request. The training content is built based on specific requirements and needs of the partner. It includes various topic blocks that may be either requested separately or arranged into custom training.

The Commerce training is aimed at technical professionals maintaining OroCRM, OroCommerce, and OroPlatform applications, as well as Oro Partners, Developers, Technical leaders.

All participants can expect to get a profound understanding of the OroCommerce functionality requested for the training.

The training scope includes but is not limited to:

  • Checkout
  • Workflow Introduction
  • Integrations

  • Import/Export Introduction
  • Frontend Layouts
  • JavaScript Components

  • Message Queue
  • Other (on-demand)

NOTE: For the recorded Oro technical training sessions on Oro’s architecture, please, refer to our video tutorials library.

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