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Explore our pool of interactive video material and learn about Oro applications with our comprehensive step-by-step video tutorials. Our library offers feature overviews and educational how-to tutorial videos to help you get started with the application.

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Set Up Your Website Storefront - Admin's Perspective

5 years ago

We will explore and navigate the storefront interface through the perspective of the company admin. This includes:

-Registering new buyer accounts
-Enabling and disabling user accounts
-Assigning corresponding roles with the necessary level of access
-Reordering submitted orders for buyers
-Canceling submitted orders
-And more


Set Up Your Website Storefront - Buyer’s Perspective

5 years ago

We will explore and navigate the storefront interface from the perspective of the buyer. This includes:

-User Account Creation
-Order Creation
-Quote Request
-Reviewing purchasing history

How to Setup Price Attributes

5 years ago

Price Attributes are custom parameters which represent price values and may be used as an input information for the products display on your web store, such as MSRP, MAP, whole or retail prices.
OroCommerce supports the price attributes’ customization based on unit of quantity and currency.

How to Setup Localization, Translation, and Language

5 years ago

In this OroCommerce tutorial, we will learn:

– How to add a new language
– How to install translation updates from CrowdIn
– How to add and modify the UI system elements translation
– How to create and configure localization settings
– How to set up languages for the storefront and management console

How to Manage Product Visibility

5 years ago

Product Visibility in OroCommerce is a feature that allows products and categories of products to be visible or hidden for specific customers, customer groups, or websites.

How to Create a UPS Shipping Integration

5 years ago

OroCommerce supports a UPS Shipping Integration. Shipping method integrations allow sellers to enable shipping methods using third party vendors with built-in tables and rates to offer shipping services when orders are placed through OroCommerce.

How to Create a Product Category

5 years ago

A product category is a section of a web catalog where a product resides. A product can only reside in one category of the master catalog.

How to Use Single Page Checkout

5 years ago

In OroCommerce, Single Page Checkout is a workflow which consolidates Oro’s default multi-page checkout into one simple-to-use page.
Single Page Checkout allows buyers to complete checkout on a single page as popularized by many B2C sites.

Product Assignment and Price Calculation Rules

5 years ago

In OroCommerce, Product Assignment Rules are used to filter a group of products. Price Calculation Rules are used to calculate new price values.
Check out Part 1 of this video here.

How to Create and Manage Price Lists

5 years ago

A price list is a list of products and their associated pricing. OroCommerce allows sellers to configure price lists for specific customers, customer groups, or websites.
Check out Part 2 of this video here.

How to Create Segments

5 years ago

OroCommerce allows sellers to create Segments.
Segments are used to help split customer or sales records into groups of data with similar attributes for marketing, reporting, or promotional purposes.

How to Use Quick Order Forms

5 years ago

Quick order forms allows customers to:
-Create and Update Shopping Lists
-Create Request for Quotes
-Create Orders

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