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hometrainingAdvanced & Custom Training

Advanced & Custom Training

Study advanced topics or let us design a personalized training program for your learning goals.


Advanced Technical Training

The advanced training program helps developers familiar with OroCommerce further their skills in Oro application development. This program covers three areas: OroCloud, Integrations & API, and Testing. Prerequisite: OroCommerce Technical Training.


This course covers key aspects of OroCloud architecture, tools, and methods when running Oro applications either in stage or production. It’s designed for partners, developers, and technical professionals familiar with Oro systems and maintaining Oro applications in OroCloud.

  • Application maintenance tools
  • OroCloud deployment
  • Code upgrades
  • Application troubleshooting
  • Architecture tools
  • OroCloud best practices

Integrations & API

This course focuses primarily on Oro API resources, available methods, and integration configuration processes. It discusses how to use RESTful APIs to manage data, content, and other functionalities. It also includes the execution of API requests and the asynchronous REST API reporting workflow.

  • API resources and configuration
  • API documentation and extensions
  • Import / Export Introduction
  • Integrations
  • Message Queue
  • Performance optimization

Testing (Behat)

This course dives into the behavior-driven development (BDD) and Behat testing processes. It offers general insights into BDD, its types, and tools available in the Oro platform.  It covers the configuration details to enable the Behat tool, its testing frameworks, and the test execution process.

  • PHP Framework for BDD
  • Feature Contexts
  • Oro configuration
  • Mocking API integrations
  • Behat Test Lifecycle
  • BDD
  • Features
  • Examples, tips
  • Executing Tests
  • Resources
  • Fixtures
  • Exercises

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